Our Services

Graphics & Animation

We design, create and publish media creative. Comics, book illustrations, animations, sign writing, realistic portraits, cartoons, magazines, brochures, business cards, ID cards, logos, adverts, photo editing, printing, graphics effects, film/album/music/ covers, web graphics and application graphics.


We design, redesign, develop websites or web applications for you and/or your business.

Software Development

We develop and maintain software for your business. And also act as an agent for commercial on-shelf software.





Major search engines like Bing and Google cannot find your web? We provide the SEO(Search Engine Optimization) solutions and guide to make your website visible and searchable on search engines.


Geek Technologies designs, implement and maintain computer networks of all kind including their devices. We provide solutions like Local Networks, Wireless Hotspots, Business Network Deployment.



ICT Technical Support

We help and advice you and/or your business through face to face, email or remote assistance.

ICT Services

We perform PC(Personal Computer) diagnostics, repair and maintenance and consultancy for keeping your computer safe, efficient and long-living.



Security Camera

We survey, install, manage and maintain security camera systems for homes and small businesses.

Who We Deal With

Geek Technologies is a company created by a team of Tanzanian IT professionals. It covers from small, medium to large businesses. It likes to create cool, interactive, stunning and awesome technologies.

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